Sen. Sullivan calls out Democrat hypocrisy over natural gas

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 7: Senator Dan Sullivan, a Republican from Alaska, speaks during a Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing for Kenneth Braithwaite, U.S. President Donald Trumps nominee for navy secretary, May 7, 2020 in Washington, DC. Committee members may ask Braithwaite whether achieving the administration's goal of a 355-ship fleet over the next decade, up from 299 today, is realistic in light of cost constraints.  (Photo by Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 7: Sen. Dan Sullivan spoke during a Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing on May 7, 2020 in Washington, D.C.  (Photo by Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images)

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UPDATED 12:40 PM PT – Sunday, March 14, 2021

As Joe Biden’s stance on the natural gas industry seemingly changes by the day, one Alaska senator explained why enough is enough.

During an Environment and Public Works hearing on Friday, Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) commented on the Biden administration’s attempts to destroy the energy sector.

He said Biden himself has been hypocritical as he has issued several executive orders that would impact the oil and gas industry, but also told union workers “I’m all for natural gas.”

Sullivan brought up the significance promoting the natural gas industry could have.

“This is actually important because the United States reduced greenhouse gas emissions from 2005-2017 by almost 15 percent. More than any other major economy in the world by far, it’s not even close,” Sullivan stated. “The main reason we did that was because of natural gas.”

The senator went on to comment on the seemingly confused administration, pointing out the apparent dissonance between Biden and his climate czar John Kerry.

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