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We are no longer on Facebook, and many of our friends, sister groups, and other patriots may have lost there way during the great communist social credit purge, but we’ve got this.

What was built here on this network wasn’t meant to be facebook. It was intended as a safe have to organize, your Areas of Operation and re-establish communication. At the end of the day you’re going to find things are going to shape up better for patriot purposes. We’re not selling advertising, we’re bringing patriots together.

If you want to chip in a dollar, or a quarter just to show you’re out there, maybe we’ll set that up. But this isn’t a business. It’s a field it’s a field office for America. But because we have somewhat of a bad taste in our mouth for things like Facebook, Twitter, Google  and YouTube … things will be different here. We’re still going to ask you to sign up, and log-in, so that we can make sure the un-friendlies stay out.

So if you want to start to poke around and say hello …. you’re going to have to register. And because we believe Militia starts in YOUR own back yard, we’re also going to have the audacity to ask your zipcode. Beyond that, we’re here to provide resources, information and connections.  What you make out of it is up to you, but this is a Patriot Only network. Pleased be advised nothing on the internet is truly secure, however whatever you’re looking to do will at least be largely free from the socialist troll presence. And you won’t be having all your messages scoured by antifa. They may get in on occasion, but at least they are not the admins here.

You will be re-directed to The Minuteman Networking Site.






  1. If you are a group leader for any Patriot Group, in any state. Reach out and say hello. We want to help you regroup get your people together. You don’t have to do it here, we will be happy to toss up your banner, your AO, and a link with how to get in touch with you. Or you can make groups or websites as part of a Patriot Network, here.


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