FBI searching for Pa. woman who allegedly stole laptop from House Speaker Pelosi’s office

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 09: A billboard on a bus stop on Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest advertised a message from the FBI seeking information related to violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 9, 2021 in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Al Drago/Getty Images)

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UPDATED 2:00 PM PT – Monday, January 18, 2021

The FBI has intensified its search for Riley June Williams regarding her role in the protest at the Capitol. The 22-year-old from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is wanted for allegedly stealing a laptop or hard drive from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) office amid the January 6 breach of the Capitol.

Video released by a British news outlet appeared to show Williams inside the Capitol Building directing people to go upstairs. Law enforcement officials were able to confirm the staircase leads to Pelosi’s office.

According to a criminal complaint, a witness described as a former romantic partner of Williams called the FBI and identified Williams as the person in the video. They claimed they spoke with friends of Williams who allegedly showed them video of her taking a laptop or hard drive from Pelosi’s office. The caller stated Williams was planning to send the computer to a friend in Russia who planned to sell it to Russia’s foreign intelligence service.

However, the tipster told the FBI the plan fell through and Williams still has the computer or destroyed it.

Police have spoken to the father of Williams, who said he drove her to Washington for the protest, but he wasn’t with her throughout the day. However, he said they met back up outside the Capitol Building later that day before returning home together.

Law enforcement also spoke with the mother of Williams.

“I’m actually sad that that happened to her, that she was actually inside. That’s what the video shows, you know,” her mother said. “She’s actually gone, she took off because of that.”

Her mother added that her daughter packed a bag and took off, saying she would be gone for a couple of weeks, but did not say where she was going.

Williams is facing charges of entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct. The FBI said she has since changed her phone number and deleted all her social media accounts.

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