Iran claims they have ‘network of missile bases’ along Gulf Coast

In this photo released Friday, Jan. 8, 2021, by Sepahnews, the website of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, commanders of Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard walk last missiles during a visit to a new military base in an undisclosed location in Persian Gulf in Iran. (Sepahnews via AP)

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UPDATED 12:23 AM  PT – Sunday, January 10, 2021

Iran ramped up threats to peace and stability in the Middle East with its new ballistic missile base.

Iranian Guards of Islamic Revolution unveiled an underground missile facility this weekend, saying it is one of the many similar installations along the Gulf Coast.

Officials claimed Iran’s missiles have a range of “thousands of miles,” and can breach electronic missile defense systems of other countries.

Missiles are displayed during an inauguration of a new military base in an undisclosed location in Persian Gulf in Iran. (Sepahnews via AP)

Iran also reiterated its opposition to President Trump’s peace plan for the Middle East.

“What you see today in this complex is one of several strategic missile storage facilities of the IRGC Navy. Behind us, you see a column of these missiles and launchers,” Major Gen. Hossein Salami, chief commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said. “Our logic to defend the territorial integrity and independence of the country and to defend the achievements of the Islamic Revolution is to get strong.”

Iranian officials said they are targeting the information systems and radars of the U.S. and its allies from the guards’ new missile bases.

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