Kidnapped Texas mother of two found safe in Ill.

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UPDATED 8:40 AM PT – Saturday, January 2, 2021

A missing Texas mother was found alive after being missing for about three days. 32-year-old Erika Rios Valdez was found miles away from her home state of Texas in the state of Illinois on Friday.

According to reports, she was abducted by 38-year-old Abel Fajardo on Tuesday. Valdez was allegedly forced into Fajardo’s vehicle about 45-miles north of Houston.

Valdez’s sister-in-law said she was getting off of work when she was kidnapped out of the blue.

“She was getting home from work when he came out of nowhere,” Rosalina Bucio, Valdez’s sister-in-law, stated. “And took her by force.”

Valdez’s brother, Pedro, ran outside to try and save her, but Fajardo reportedly threatened to kill her.

Official reports said Pedro then drove off in his own car. He chased after the 38-year-old, but eventually lost sight of the kidnapper. The family claimed Fajardo had been stalking Valdez for two years.

“They followed him and tried to stop him, but couldn’t,” Bucio noted. “Crazy guy who’s in love with her I guess…obsessed with her.”

Fajardo was arrested in Illinois and Valdez was reported to be uninjured. It is unclear where exactly the two were found in the state, however, sheriffs are expecting more information to be released over the weekend.

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