Venezuela Supreme Court rules against extending parliamentary term by another year

Shamans step on a photo of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and say he should be punished for leading what they called a bad government and for the departure of many Venezuelans from their homeland, during a year-end ritual where they predict political and social issues to occur in the next year, in Lima, Peru, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

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UPDATED 8:05 AM PT – Thursday, December 31, 2020

Venezuela’s Supreme Court, packed with loyalists of self-proclaimed President Nicolas Maduro, shot down the opposition’s attempt to remain in power.

On Wednesday, the nation’s highest court ruled against opposition leader Juan Guaido’s push to extend the National Assembly’s term for another year.

This came after Maduro’s Unified Socialist Party won a majority of the parliamentary seats during it’s December 6 elections. Guiado has rejected the election results while claiming it was rife with voter fraud.

Following the elections, the opposition party held a popular consultation with 6.4 million citizens tuning in. They suggested votes in favor of the opposition were suppressed.

This comes as the number of people who attended the consultation in support of the opposition was far more than what they received on December 6.

“The popular consultation compared to the December 6th vote is the manifestation of the will of Venezuelans exercising not only the rejection of fraud, not only the rejection of Maduro’s dictatorship, but the iron will to advance freedom in Venezuela,” Guiado stated.

The European Union and the U.S. have also rejected the election results. In a recent statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to the race. He said it was a “political farce intended to look like legislative elections.”

In the meantime, Venezuela’s Supreme Court decision will pave the way for Maduro allies to take over the governing body next month.

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