N.C. protesters show support for President Trump, disdain for COVID-19 restrictions

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper takes off his mask before speaking during a briefing on North Carolina’s coronavirus pandemic response Monday, Nov. 23, 2020 at the NC Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh. (Travis Long/The News & Observer via AP)

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UPDATED 8:15 AM PT – Monday, November 30, 2020

Passion was running high in Raleigh, North Carolina over the weekend when protesters on both sides of the aisles engaged in civil discourse.

On Sunday, supporters of President Trump took to the streets outside the North Carolina Governor’s Mansion to protest Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper’s handling of the coronavirus. Cooper recently rolled out a series of social distancing measures, including a face mask mandate and restricting social gatherings to under 10 people.

“I am here today to tell Roy Cooper that he does not control me, I am a free American citizen and that I will have as many people in my household as I please,” said Ashley Smith, a ReOpenNC protester. “And he cannot enforce any of his non-sensible dictates in my life.”

This came a day after hundreds of demonstrators held a rally to show their support for President Trump and his fight for election integrity. Counter protesters crashed the rally, showing support for Joe Biden and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Both sides got into verbal arguments over several issues, including police violence, coronavirus and the election results. No one was hurt in either event as local police officers ensured the dueling protests were conducted safely.

“I believe that Donald Trump did win this election by a landslide,” said David Jeremy, a MAGA protester  in Raleigh. “It will be proven when the fake ballots, the bought ballots and all that…when it’s all revealed.”

North Carolina showed their support for the President on Election Day by giving him the popular vote as well as 15 electoral votes.

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