Gov. Brown Signs SB 10, No More Money Bail in California

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The state that has demonstrated their expertise in evaluating dangerous illegal immigrants before releasing them to the streets, will now evaluate all criminals before simply releasing them on their own recognizance.

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Gov. Jerry Brown has officially signed Senate Bill 10, the bail reform bill that has now eliminated money bail in California, on Tuesday.

The change do the current bail system will take effect in October 2019 and goes further than any other state in the country to remove money from pretrial detention.

“Today, California reforms its bail system so that rich and poor alike are treated fairly,” Brown said in a statement.

Under SB 10, California will essentially replace bail with “risk assessments” of individuals and other non-monetary conditions of release. Counties will now instead establish local agencies to evaluate any individual arrested on felony charges for their likelihood of returning for court hearings and their chances of rearrest based on the extent of their crimes or criminal history.

This “risk-based” system uses a low, medium, and high risk assessment to determine a defendant’s next course of action.

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The SacBee reports, “A person whose risk to public safety and risk of failure to appear is determined to be “low” would be released with the least restrictive nonmonetary conditions possible. “Medium-risk” individuals could be released or held depending on local standards. “High-risk” individuals would remain in custody until their arraignment, as would anyone who has committed certain sex crimes or violent felonies, is arrested for driving under the influence for the third time in less than 10 years, is already under supervision by the courts, or has violated any conditions of pretrial release in the previous five years.”

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