Trump sticking to Constitution, returning US to prosperity

By Stuart Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on the left calling President Trump a threat to democracy.

Who, precisely, threatens our democracy? Sounds so extreme doesn’t it? But it’s what we hear from the left all the time. It is “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” It is based on contempt for our president, and it’s coming at you constantly.

Professor Paul Krugman, writing in today’s New York Times, compares Europe and America, says “the collapse of freedom, if it comes, will probably happen here, first.” “The collapse of freedom!” Krugman doesn’t tell us how freedom is collapsing. He just says it.

Nancy Pelosi says we must “save our democracy”… She evidently believes it’s under threat. From what? “Secret, dark, big money influence,” she says. By the way, Hillary holds a fund raiser in New York City Thursday night: $2,500 a plate. It’s for the multibillion dollar Clinton Foundation!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., says “democracy is crumbling around us.” How? Because Hillary won the popular vote but not the presidency.

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You get the point: the left spins Trump as a threat to democracy.

I have another idea: the threat to our democracy comes from within the government itself, and it’s motivated by hatred of our president. When the FBI spies on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, that’s a threat to democracy. When the Obama administration uses the IRS to beat up its political opponents, that’s a threat to democracy. And when Democrats in California deliberately make it easy for illegals to vote, without penalty, that’s a threat to our constitutional republic.

My bottom line is this: the left is drowning in its contempt for President Trump. And our rough and tumble, very sharp-edged President Trump, is sticking to the Constitution and returning our country to prosperity.



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