Minuteman Closing Bank of America Accounts after Anti Gun Statements

We at Minuteman strongly support the Constitution of the United States, and are ardent supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

Corporate America, and Bank of America specifically has made a statement that it will discontinue funding to the firearms industry.

We consider this to be both Grossly UN American, but to also be a violation of civil rights.  The American Constitution guarantees citizens the right to bear arms, and collusion by Corporate and Bank of America to illegally deprive citizens of their Civil Rights can be viewed in no other way than a criminal act of extortion.

We will be investigating a class action law suit against Bank of America, and as of this morning, Minuteman Militia and it’s volunteer staff, have all voluntarily closed all Bank America accounts and credit lines.

This assault on America can no longer be tolerated. We will be joining and supporting a National Boycott, of firms that feel a need to oppose the American Government, and People.

No further infringements will be tolerated. ….

And you can take that to the Bank.


Minuteman Militia




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Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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  1. If you can sue a bakery for refusing to create ‘custom products’ for gay couples in accordance with their protected religious beliefs and thereby inadvertently discriminate against an artificial class’ ‘created’ by congress but not specifically enshrined in the Constitution, then why can’t you sue a bank for discrimination and infringement of a Protected RIGHT specifically enumerated in the Constitution?

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