‘South Park’ creators receive award from liberal group – and shock the audience with admission


Matt Stone and Trey Parker were being celebrated as the creators of the popular cartoon, “South Park” by a liberal group when they made an admission that startled the audience assembled.

Here’s what happened

According to Los Angeles based conservative talk radio personality Larry Elder, he was invited by the duo to introduce him at an awards ceremony, where they told the crowd something they probably didn’t want to hear.

“Trey Parker & Matt Stone of [South Park] asked me to introduce them when they received a ‘freedom’ award from Norman Lear’s organization,” Elder explained. “After they graciously accepted, they said, ‘We’re republicans.’ Nervous laughter. They repeated, ‘No, seriously, we’re republicans.’”

Stone and Parker were receiving an award from People for the American Way, a left-wing advocacy group formed by television writer Norman Lear.

Widget not in any sidebars

Here’s how the group describes itself from their website:

People For the American Way and its affiliate, People For the American Way Foundation, are progressive advocacy organizations founded to fight right-wing extremism and defend constitutional values under attack, including free expression, religious liberty, equal justice under the law, and the right to meaningfully participate in our democracy.

“Priceless,” added Elder in a hashtag at the end of his tweet.

Not your father’s Republicans

Stone and Parker have talked about politics in relation to their show in the past, and have rejected labeling the show with any particular ideological bent.

“I would never want the show to be a Democrat show or Republican show, because for us the show’s more important than that. It isn’t for everybody else in the world, but it is for us. We don’t want you to come to it thinking, ‘These guys are going to bash liberals,’” Stone said to Huffington Post in 2010.

“I look at it like this,” Parker added. “I have a cat, I love my cat and it’s like someone coming in and saying, ‘Hey, is that cat a Republican or a Democrat?’ He’s my f**king cat, leave him alone.”

Here’s an interview with Parker and Stone from 2011:


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