NY Rally at Albany – A Constitution in Crisis and a Perfect Storm


This is not my operation. This is not any one person’s operation. There are a lot of great people with experience and intelligence involved in this.  If I were a representative of The People, I would sincerely listen to everyone, and put together the best suited team from those people, and enact the best plan possible under mutual consent. 

That is what I intend to do. And at the end of the day … YOU will get all the credit because it is a labor of love for America, that many hands will have lifted.  I’m just asking you to love America enough to let her see all of our BEST qualities. 

For decades New York has felt the pinch of unconstitutional government, tyranny and corruption. As New Yorkers, our rights are already badly under assault.

We look around and see the media giving attention to people and event’s that we may flatly disagree with, and the media may try and convince you that you are just a tiny minority. You are not.

The media may try and convince you that you are just a tiny minority. You are not.

The tides are turning, and thousands of us see the danger and the opportunity.

We Love America and we believe in our constitution, and no matter what other differences we have, we can NEVER let America fall.

Things that just a few short years ago may have seemed impossible, are now within our grasp, and

America IS Uniting.

I do not believe I have come across a single patriot that believes we can do this thing alone. Our forefathers understood human nature well, and we acknowledge in a diverse world that we will not all agree on everything, and in fact to force us to would be tyranny.

America is the land of the free, and in that freedom is the spirit of American Ingenuity. What a miracle it is that from all corners of the country we have arrived at the same destination, and the same conclusion.

In that inherent understanding that we cannot go it alone, we formed groups, of family and friends and neighbors. And in that spirit of American Ingenuity we discussed, planned and organized. No two groups did it the same way, and that’s OK. America has hundreds of groups made up of people that realize they cannot do this alone. And the collective logic of those groups have realized that United we would be strong.

Through the school of hard knocks, perhaps we found that a Merger was really a Hostile Takeover.  So we learned to be protective of our groups, and to watch the backs of our friends. No one will disagree that we have an inalienable right to protect and defend ourselves and our loved ones. It is human nature.

America has done this before, and America can do this again. They didn’t call it the Big State of America …. they called it the UNITED States of America.

At some point, there comes a time to acknowledge one another… To acknowledge the hard road we have been travelling, whether together, OR separately. And we know this because even when we do not travel together… we always bump into the same people at the next watering hole.

We look into their eyes, and see the hardship, the struggle and the determination, and we know the hard miles that lay behind, and we know that we have walked the same Path, whether together … or not…. and we start to know that when we get to the goal, the destination, or the final push … these people are going to be the ones that you will be walking beside at the end of the last day.

Sometimes we do things our own way. It’s not just human nature. It’s American.

But whatever kind of a vehicle you’ve built to travel along the way, all roads are now converging on the same destination. To the left and the right are those same faces, and I can truly say with all honesty… that a lot of REALLY good people made the trip. It has been my honor to drink beside you at the many stops along the way.

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This is not just a rally. This is an opportunity to come together. It is one of the best opportunities we have ever had, and with the roads to the left and right of us converging, we know that it is inevitable that our groups, teams and communities will walk besides each other.


Come out and fly YOUR  colors, because when you do … you know those to the left and the right of you all belong to the same group.

We Are AMERICANS ….. and damned proud of it.

Shake hands, make friends, hug your neighbors …. because the real fight is ahead, and these men and women are not your enemies.

We can walk those last miles as free men, with our heads held high. And as free men we enter the same fight, under the flag of whatever company you most trust to cover your six.

Let’s let them know that we are United under one Red, White and Blue flag, and that NO ONE is going to take that away.

If you believe in America, and you believe and support the principles that shaped our Constitution, and the Freedoms it Protects, not grants … come and let’s Love America together.

We acknowledge we have all traveled a hard road, regardless of color, or race, or religion.

First and Foremost

We Are Americans

Collectively we ARE

A National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans



Michael Stein

NY State Coordinator of Great men and  women, who have worn big shoes for a  long time.

God Bless America

Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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