Dear America: Broward County Took $54M Instead Of Protecting Lives Of Students (Video)

While Leftist blame-shifters point at AR-15s and the NRA, look what’s really behind the curtain.

Remember Obama’s “if it saves just one life” rant?

That famous tear he wiped away while addressing a different school massacre.

Will he and his ‘wingman’ Holder have any tears to shed about the seventeen lives that social activist policies they heartily approved of just snuffed out?

This came up on Rush Limbaugh’s program a little while back.

RUSH: Now, back to the first hour of the program. I asked a question. What would happen if you learned that background checks may not work because the data in the background check system isn’t even there because of policies from the Obama and Holder Department of Justice to equalize racial populations in prison has resulted in many crimes and criminals not being arrested or reported because of the belief that there is a bias in the criminal justice system against minorities?

What if you were to learn that local police departments, sheriff’s offices, and school districts have been awarded grant money from the Obama administration for doing just that: looking the other way when certain crimes have taken place? On purpose, so as to change the racial proportion of the prison population, among many other things?
Source: Rush Limbaugh.

We, too, covered that story, in more detail. Find it here:
Disgusting: Florida’s School Policies Require Cops To Ignore Crimes Caused By Kids

But the story is even worse than we first thought.

It wasn’t just ideology, there was financial incentive to sweep police action under the carpet.

When money influences police work and causes the law to be applied differently between different citizens, is there a name for that? Corruption, maybe? Keep that in mind.

Did you catch that? The school was paid $54 Million dollars as a reward for the non-arrest of (among others) Nikolas Cruz.

Here is the article Milo is citing:

BCPS Awarded $53.8 Million Grant from the U.S. Department of Education

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is honored to be the only school district in Florida – and the only large urban District in the nation – to receive a new Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The grant funding totals $53,808,909, and will be paid over five years. BCPS was selected for the competitive grant from applications from school districts across the country.
The grant-identified priorities for the District’s TIF program include:

Improved life outcomes for students in poverty/students of color;
Vibrant, thriving learning communities of highly effective educators in high-need schools; and
Fully-aligned and well-functioning Human Capital Management System.
“Our District is proud to be selected by the U.S. Department of Education for this new Teacher Incentive Fund grant,” said BCPS Superintendent Robert. W. Runcie. “The grant supports our District’s ongoing focus and efforts to invest in our teachers and classrooms, and to ensuring all students have access to a high-quality education. I commend our staff for working so hard on behalf of our students and schools to bring this new TIF grant to our District.”

This is the second TIF grant award received by BCPS. The previous TIF award was used to support 28 District schools and is now in its fifth and final funding year. Among these schools, 97 percent that received an “F” in 2014/15, have now made significant gains in student achievement and increased their school grade.

There are ‘failed policies’ and then there are catastrophic failures.

This is obviously the latter.

It makes you wonder how many OTHER ‘Nikolases’ got swept under the rug. While taxpayers across the country PAID them to do it.

While we’re on the topic of who has ‘blood on their hands’ maybe Obama will want to wash his before he wipes another tear.


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