Make America Safe Again?

So you ask “Why? Why oh why in the name of the Children … won’t you do something about the Gun Violence?”

The wails fill the air. The people who’s emotions regularly flare out of control and defy basic logic in fits of rage or triggered fear because they saw Donald Trumps name written in sidewalk chalk.  One of my so-called friends lamented about how in a gun state like Florida … how dare gun owners do nothing to stop this. There’s your proof that guns don’t stop criminals. I had to laugh … and I did not do so quietly to myself. A crazy nut-job goes and kills 17 people, and we are now blaming responsible people for not stopping it. His complete lack of understanding here was fundamentally disturbing.

Today all of the so called news agencies ran articles SHOCKED that President Trump support better background checks on firearms purchases.

They say these things like it is a surprise. For years the media have made it sound like the right wants to take guns and give them to every loony tune on the street corner.

As law abiding citizens, I can assure you … that is the LAST thing we want. I have been background checked 9 ways to Sunday.

Working alongside veterans and law enforcement, CERT, OEM, ARES .. and various local response groups there is one thing I can tell you …. Responsible People take Gun Ownership VERY seriously.

Look, the reason gun ownership is important to responsible people, is that we realize that it is NOT a perfect world. We have wives and family and children.

I can tell you this for a fact. I trust myself, and the people that I love more than anyone else, to protect our interests.

I do not trust other people to unconditionally respect MY rights, because this is the REAL world. Not a Utopian fantasy dreamed up by a former New York Tribune Foreign Corespondent. ..

As with all of society … there will always be responsible people and reckless people. Those responsible people have a right to protect our families and our lives, from those who are reckless.

Since rules are primarily intended to promote civil discourse, Responsible people are more inclined to naturally adhere to the principles of civil discourse.

Reckless people will trample on civil discourse like a bull in a china shop.

The problem here … is that what we are talking about with laws of any kind … including gun laws … is that they are designed to take these Logical Principles of Civil Discourse and say now these General Principles are MANDATED.

The reason reckless people are reckless … is in most cases. because they either do not care about the ramifications of their actions … or they do not understand the ramifications of their actions.

So with…. or without a law…that first group of responsible people have a very low probability of being unsafe in their general actions, and the reckless ones have a very high probability of being unthinking or intending ill will.

With that, we have two social philosophies. One that believes in cultivating personal responsibility and teaching men to fish…… And one that says, don’t worry … if you are reckless or lazy we will bail you out and give you free fish.

Well, if we feed the wildlife … they will become dependent. Free fish is better than having to fish. No need to learn personal responsibility if I can survive just as well, or better without it.

Now in a society with an ever expanding pool of people with no sense of personal responsibility, who is really being penalized by mandating common sense … if only the people with common sense are going to heed the mandate? The people that were responsible are penalized … because after all that arguing and passing of a law to mandate common sense … the ones without it are still going to not adhere to principles of common sense … legal … or not…

It would seem to me … that what we really need to do, is not to punish people with common sense, and tell them they can’t protect their families from people that are reckless … when YOU ARE THE VERY ENABLER OF RECKLESS BEHAVIOR!!!!!!

….. let’s take abortion as an example. I have two groups of people. Responsible ones and reckless ones. In the case of abortion …. which percentage of each group is more likely to commit murder?

Oh, wait … I’m sorry …you do not consider killing babies, murder.

I have news for you … there is nothing scarier to a responsible person ….. than a reckless one that does not innately see the common sense line of “do not kill babies”.

The CDC  tracks the total number of annual Abortions on the low side. According to the CDC, there were 690,000 abortions in 2017 … other sources place that number at close to 1 million. … I don’t think it really matters if we are talking about killing 600,000 or a million babies … I don’t believe that is the salient point here.

More importantly I’m concerned about something else altogether. The same group of people that have made it legal to kill a million babies … the most innocent and defenseless thing anyone can imagine…. this sweet little baby, that never hurt anyone… that same group are not motivated by morals, or ethics enough … NOT to kill them. Now I’m wondering what those million babies think about that?  Now really … what would those babies do if THEY had a gun?

Then I realize how crazy and hateful these people are. How I have to worry about walking down the street wearing a hat that says “Make America Great Again.”  No this is not a joke, these people are also showing up at rallies where people are singing God Bless America … and beating elderly men and women for holding an American flag.

And I think that these same people that have no issue killing a defenseless little baby, or beating the elderly, or spitting in veterans faces. and shooting police…. want to tell me that I cannot defend myself from crazy reckless people, because crazy reckless people are too reckless to have guns, so the only solution is to take guns  from everyone …. and now …

Here I am … defenseless with millions of reckless people who do not care about or have not even thought about MY well being … that do not have any care at all about killing babies, who suddenly look at me and realize I am wearing a Make America Great Again hat …. and that I am unarmed….

Well ….. All I can say is …. thank God MY parents were responsible … because I WAS in fact born …

But it wasn’t last night.

Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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