Is the Globalists Bull Ride almost over?

Globalists Bull Ride

White Nationalists are upset with the Kate Steinle verdict. So the news tells me.

How about the rest of the people? Why would the news report that White Nationalists are upset, like being upset was a bad thing? Or that people that are not White nationalists are ok with it?

I’m white, and I am a nationalist. It is not the same thing as a white supremacist, no matter what new media twist they want to put into place to attack white people or people that support their country.

This is a poor strategy, and demonstrates how out of touch the liberal media is. They are continuing to drive more people away, resulting in a weakening of their position. They believe comments like this will turn the population against whites and nationalists, so an international open borders community can continue to move forward.

Liberals like to call conservatives uneducated. I challenge them to read the UN agreements and global plans the US has signed on for.

America is committed to courses of action that the American people would NEVER accept, if they knew what they were. If the open borders globalist agenda that we have signed on for ALREADY does not move forward, the World will suddenly be upset that America is not Complying.

So compliance dates are always set in the future, so that there is a decade or two to change the mentality of the population to accept it.

But what if we suddenly slam on the brakes, and refuse to do something we agreed to 20 years ago? Not agreed to by the American People, but by a secret committee that signed away American Sovereignty.

What would happen if America looked up from their TV’s and said … “You want to do what? Hell no.” ? Well, the current strategy would involve backing off, and using media to shape public opinion some more before trying again.

But what if America looked up from it’s TV’s and said Hell No… and the system went into it’s normal mode of manipulating opinion, but some guy in the White House tweeted out, “Wait, what are you doing? Didn’t you hear The People? They said “Hell no!” …. and all the people looked up from their TV’s again and said .. “Oh hey, look at that. Someone finally heard us.”

The system and media however, being totally out of touch … miss all of this. They just don’t understand why the brain washing efforts are not working. So they try even harder and turn up the fake news campaign.

Now The People notice it. Not just the tin foil hat wearers, but Doctors, Lawyers, Mothers, Fathers, regular Americans from all walks of life stand there staring at the absolute GALL of the media so blatantly and openly, and ARROGANTLY telling us what to think.

At this stage of the game. As of Today, December 5th, 2017, if that tweeting voice in the White House was silenced … would it allow the system to re-establish it’s globalist narrative? Or would a tidal wave sweep the offenders from the face of the earth?

I personally think the Globalists are in very grave danger at this point. Their fingers have slipped, and the reins are being pulled from their hands. These are already people with no scruples. They are the REAL Tyrants. Britain pulls away from the EU, Germany and Merkel are losing Control. Poland is refusing to take Migrants, and the EU is suing them, and America is extracting itself from a global spider web.

So yes, I DO think they are 30 seconds in to the bull ride, and the bull is breaking them. They do not have the resources to hold on indefinitely, so the only hope of retaining and regaining power is to stop the Bull from bucking.

But …. if they stab the bull in the head and the bull doesn’t stop, then the likelyhood of them being trampled to death goes up exponentially.

At this point peaceful disengagement will be impossible. The bull will NOT let them get off and walk away peacefully. Here it becomes inevitable that the bull will win if everything continues to it’s natural conclusion.

This is the point where the Globalist Bull Rider suddenly becomes very creative. Their strategies and efforts start to smell of desperation and fear. If the Bull smells that fear … it will go into a complete rage and the Rider will be thrown, gored and trampled.

I have a good nose …. I smell fear now. As soon as those Doctors, Lawyers, Mothers and Fathers and regular Americans pick up the scent…. well …. let’s just sit back and watch.

There is a Chess strategy that when you get a piece or two ahead, you change strategy and start to exchange pieces. Take their Rook, but lose yours, take their Bishop, but lose yours. As you start to get down to what is known as the EndGame, being a couple of pieces ahead becomes a tremendous advantage.

The person that is a couple of pieces ahead becomes very dangerous. The protection put into place to guard the rook no longer works when your opponent reaches the trade off stage. They will now take your rook, even if they lose theirs.

The Bull is a couple of pieces ahead. As soon as it sees that, it will start an exchange that will result in the inevitable defeat of the Rider.

Now the Rider is in the smoke and mirror phase. The only thing it has left, is to psychologically convince the Bull it is losing the game. If the Bull is not paying attention … it might believe that and give up the fight. But if the bull is paying attention … then it has already won.

Are YOU paying attention ?

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Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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