The truly amazing story of how Francis Scott Key came to write the Star Spangled Banner

Star spangled banner

The below video is an moving history of our National Anthem. There are times in life where the task at hand is bigger that one mans life. And there is no more power or honor in that, than when one see’s the task, and voluntarily steps forward to give that last measure of devotion, so that what is good and right can remain upon this earth.

You see, you cannot stop a Patriot with God in his heart, who realizes that he has but one life to give, and he can devote it to his fellow man. This is the spirit of America, and I have often said that this spirit is what taxation denies from us. At one time, if your neighbor was in need, the community would get together and help them out. This was done out of love and kindness for our fellow man, and through this act, we grew both personally and as a community. Along comes the tax man, who tells us our neighbor is in need, and that we must give to help them, whether we want to or not. He then shows us the six men with guns behind him, so we go and get the money, and watch him spit half of it with the 6 armed men with him, and put the other half in the kings coffer, and two days later you find out that your neighbor died because no one helped them. Just then there is a knock on the door and you open it to see the tax collector with his 6 armed thugs again.


Now you have been deprived of the charitable act of helping your neighbor voluntarily, and instead of having a good feeling of love and accomplishment, you are left feeling bitter and angry. We have lost an opportunity to learn Gods message of love, and self sacrifice.


Without that sense of love for thy neighbors and self sacrifice …. who would defend freedom? Indeed, look at the streets to the selfish haters demanding that a nation give them their entitlements. Pay them their reparations. There was a message spoken by President John F. Kennedy:

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

For without this spirit, That Star Spangled Banner would no Longer Wave, and when that flag comes down, it is because the love of neighbor, and sense of self sacrifice for things greater than us, has died in mankind. It is because we have become too selfish to care about those around us.


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Mark Wolf
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