As Light and Sound Rush Away …..

Minuteman Militia

“I can still hear the sound of battle, although it seems as if it is moving away, and although I know I am lying still on the ground, I am moving away too. In that moment I realize that I will not rise again, and that this will be my final resting place. I am suddenly faced by all the threads I have held on to. The relationships, the fears, the grudges and the worries…. in a split second I realize that none of it matters, and then I remember the People that I care about, my brothers and sisters. “So this is what they mean by having your life flash before your eyes..” I think to myself.

I smile as I realize that I only had limited things that REALLY mattered. The time I spent with those people was one thing, and the sacrifice that I could make knowing that on seeing the peril, I did not hide like a coward, but stood like a man, with other good men and women, and defended freedom for our children, and our grand children … in honor of our fathers, and their fathers before them.

Closing my eyes for one final time, I chuckle to myself as I pass on one last gift to the people I leave behind. Yes, when they come and find my body broken in death … let them find it with a smile on my face, that they know that I passed with no regrets. “

Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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