9 Months in, and Trump is still your President

Trump is your president

Some whiny reporter on Washington Examiner was complaining that it’s like “Trump isn’t even trying.” …. well allow me to clarify it if you haven’t figured it out yet.

“It’s exactly like he’s not even trying. He is NOT EVEN TRYING TO IMPRESS PEOPLE WHO WILL NEVER VOTE FOR HIM. What a smart man. I’ve been saying that about republicans for years … they say something … liberal media gets up in arms and then comments get walked back.

Never appeal to voters who will hate you no matter what. I like that. I’m going to vote for him again because of that. I’m just curious who democrats are going to turn out to run against him in 2020 …. someone that will do better than Hillary. Whatcha got?

So what? So Liberals are mad. Liberals have spent the last 10 years calling conservatives, racists and white supremacists. Cry all you want f*ckers, everyone tuned you out a long time ago and now it just looks like you’re standing in the candy aisle screaming and pitching a tantrum. What the hell makes you think conservatives don’t support a little corporal punishment for spoiled brats? Shut up already. None of Trump’s agenda needs your approval. It was approved on November 8th. The plan was put out for review, and voted on. Remarkably, he’s trying to do what I voted for him to do.

How’d that Hope and Change work out for you ? Tell me about how successful that Agenda was when a man who openly vowed to Dismantle the Obama agenda, got elected? It was no secret … Trump said … “I’m gonna undo all the shit Obama did.” And America said, “Good, you’re our guy then.” So cry me a river. You’re offended. “He’s not even trying” to make your spoiled ass, who wouldn’t vote for him anyway, like him? You know what ??? We’re all good with that.

Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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