A Karen Handel win signals the elite left is having trouble regaining “The Narrative”

Karen Handel

Karen Handel ’s win in Georgia sent shock waves through the left. This was a hard fought election for the house seat vacated by Republican Tom Price, who accepted the cabinet position as Secretary of Health and Human Services. The election was touted by Democrats as a referendum or barometer of America’s tremendous dissatisfaction with the Trump Administration.  Yet, much like the Presidential election in November, Democrats are once again left holding “the bag”.

If this was, in fact,  a referendum on the President, then according to The People, Trump is doing a great job. And just like when Hillary could not get more than 300 people to a free speaking engagement, but was worth being paid a half a million to speak in Russia, the numbers don’t add up.

Think about that. Hillary campaigned in High School Gym’s, and they had to close half the gym to make the crowd look bigger.

No Liberals, you do NOT represent the majority. What you DO represent is a cross section of the population with the greatest sense of outspoken self-entitlement. In other words. You have really big mouths, and you make a big noise, but you do not have the numbers you think you have. News media and Celebrities have a disproportionate amount of air time, and living in the high hills in gated communities where they fawn all over each other, has gotten elite liberals believing their own B*llsh*t.

The impact of years of media controlled propaganda and liberal controlled education is still having a major impact on the left.  One of the symptoms of this snowflake phenomenon, is a complete inability to control their own emotional state. Students needing safe places for the emotional trauma they’ve sustained seeing Trumps name written in sidewalk chalk, or eruptions and assaults on people wearing “Make America Great  Again” hats, has become the norm.

And yet, this whole Utopian Liberal Fantasy world, has been an illusion perpetrated on the masses, and our “partners” in the EU.

For the last 8 years, the media has hid global news behind a shield of Kardashians and Kaepernicks. America was once the land of Rainbows and Unicorns.

Believing that the promised land had finally come, the left allowed themselves to be lead down the garden path. Whenever there was an ill in the world, it was a result of someone else’s failings in the past. Usually a past republican president was blamed.

The left believes that they are the vast majority. They cannot wrap their heads around any other fact. It is a mental house of cards, and the mere thought that it might not be true, undermines their entire rosy picture of the world. They don’t just “want” it to be true. They NEED it to be true. It is the foundation upon which their entire bubble worlds are built, and it is the last line of liberal defense. If the illusionary foundation crumbles, the whole house comes with it.

They have invested heavily of their efforts and money, to fix the gaping hole this last election left, in the wool over our eyes. This phantom narrative of strength through superior numbers must be restored! And if they have the numbers .. then Trump can’t have won and all of this is just a bad dream for democrats.

Don’t let them fool you. The ball is in our court. But don’t go back to sleep. If your opponent is on the ropes, keep hitting him until he goes down. Keep bringing the pain right to their doorstep.

It’s OK conservatives, we’ve got this one. Having made it through November, the big bad specter of the Democrats is a dog with all bark and no bite. Go make waves.

Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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