Extreme Left goes hunting, Republicans shot at a charity event

Republicans Shot


The left continues to escalate violence in the wake of an election loss to Donald Trump. Now Trump hating Bernie Sanders supporter James T. Hodgkinson, showed up at a congressional baseball practice for a charity event, asks which party is on the field, and when told the republicans are on the field, opens fire with an AK47, wounding 5 before being shot and killed by police.

In a steady progression of violence and protests, the left continues what seems to be a logic defying escalation of hostilities. For years we have heard about the racist Tea Party and the violent extremist right wingers, but to any logical person paying attention, it would seem that a disproportionate amount of that violence and hatred, may actually be falling on the left.

Back at the RNC, which actually had groups of militia open carrying outside of the convention, the Republicans experience one of the most low key conventions in history. In contrast, by all accounts, it would seem as of the DNC rigged their own primary, had to build a wall around their own convention center (Yes they fenced the entire area off), had their own people protesting themselves, chanting Hell No, DNC We won’t vote for Hillary.”

We’ve seen cops killed by BLM, riots burn multiple cities, Teachers at a major US university dress up in black masks and beat people for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Professor arrested for assault

Now black masked disruptors are terrorizing the streets waving communist flags, and assaulting people and destroying property as they go, claiming that all conservatives are fascists and must die.

Celebrities thinking it’s OK to photograph the president beheaded and bloody, a major Shakespearean performance of Cesar depicting Trump being killed, and now a gunman goes to a baseball field where a congressional team is practicing for a charity event, and asks which political party is on the field before opening fire with an AK47.

For the last 10 years, we’ve heard that extreme right wingers and constitutional supporters were on watch lists as potential terrorists, which is itself a form of terrorism on law biding conservatives!


All this time vilifying the right, saying they were killers, blaming guns, and saying they were paranoid for wanting to protect themselves, and now we find out who the real intolerant, violent extremists are. Thank God conservatives have the self esteem and common sense to stand their ground. Can you begin to imagine what would happen if legal gun owners were disarmed ?

Contrary to a deluded left wing, conservatives are extremely tolerant. It’s the left wing who can’t even get 5 months into a presidency before the once again ( because statistics show most mass shootings are committed by liberals) heading out to assassinate some Republicans.

This is exactly what the Nazi’s did to takeover German, and yes, the Nazi’s were liberal socialists. These Antifa protagonists are a mirror image of the Brown Shirts that Hitler sent to disrupt political rallies of the opposition.

Watch yourself, they are coming up on your rear line fast, and they are shooting to kill. The only guys standing rear guard are Oath Keepers and Three Percenters, and at rallies across America, police are beginning to appreciate the American Patriots that are coming out to show their solidarity for law enforcement.

A Cold Civil War is about to turn hot, and when it does a lot of tolerant conservatives will be glad they were wise enough to ensure their families were protected. Hold the line, and keep the moral high ground, and Americans will come out of this just fine.





Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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