BREAKING: Trump is not incompetent, he is destroying 8 years of Liberal Lunacy intentionally

Destroying Liberal Lunacy

BREAKING: Trump is not incompetent, he is destroying 8 years of Liberal Lunacy intentionally, and by the sounds of a media in agony, I would say whatever it is he is doing, it’s working.

Never before has the Democratic Party shot itself in the foot as badly as it did during 8 years of Obama. For those out in the streets, destroying and burning their streets in their misguided hatred of America, you’ve got a few things to learn still. Daddy is making the rules now, and making pouty faces at mommy won’t save you. It might help if you even feigned an apologetic attitude, but you’re not in the least sorry about anything.

So, let’s recap how we got to this place, and then you can return to deluding yourselves. Don’t worry, I’ll make this quick, as we are all very eager to return to our regularly scheduled programming.

2007, One year prior to end of Bush Administration:

Chuck Schumer: “We should not confirm any more Bush Appointments.”

2008: Obama – I have a mandate from the people.

2009: Senate votes to approve Obamacare 60 – 39. No Republicans want it.

2010: House vote for Obamacare: 34 Democrats vote no. All 178 Republicans vote no.

Speaker of the House ( Nancy Pelosi ): “You have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

2010: Republicans take the House

Sept, 2013: After driving American debt higher than any other president, Obama seeks raise debt ceiling. Refuses to even discuss budget, continues to spend, and when congress wants to negotiate budget items that America cannot afford to pay for says “I will not negotiate with Republicans.”

Nov. 2013: Obama – Hey, we need to stack some political appointments.

Harry Reid: I don’t think the republicans will play ball.

Obama: You can’t think of anything to do?

Reid: Screw it, we’ll use the nuclear option and appoint whomever we want anyway.

Obama: Yeah, f*ck those republicans.

( Are we seeing a pattern here? They don’t care what half the country has to say, they won’t work with anyone, there will be no discussion or review, just “Bend Over”)

2014: Republicans take the Senate

2016: Obama: Merrick Garland!

GOP: Guess what? Bend Over. And tell Chuck we said hello.

2016: GOP Loses control of their Party. Democrats lose the White House… conservatives have House, Senate and White House.

2017: 100% of Democrats vote no on Neil Gorsuch Confirmation.

Mitch McConnell: Use Nuclear Option like Democrats did.

Democrats: You can’t do that!

Trump: Bend Over.

2017: Left rioting in the streets. Leftist Media, screaming in agony. 4 Months in … they are praying, wishing, hoping for an impeachment.

Here’s a little newsflash: You need Congress to Impeach. You won’t even get that shot till 2019.

There isn’t going to be an impeachment to save your asses. There won’t even be any vasoline to save your asses. Because conservatives are pissed, and they’re going in dry.

Bend Over. Good thing todays Liberals aren’t homophobic, because they’re about to take it in the …

Mark Wolf
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