President and First Lady host Governors Ball at White House

While many were busy watching the Oscars, political veterans were keeping an eye on, one of the most auspicious occasions for our Union, the Governors Ball. The event, held in the State Dining Room at the White House, was put together by First Lady Melania Trump, and was the first such State Dinner event put together by the new administration.

The President continued to press and tout changes to US positions, including stronger borders, a stronger military, and economic trade that is fair and prosperous for America. During his toast to the Governors, Trump stated “So I hear this is a record number of Governors attending, 46” a comment that sent fact checkers into a frenzy, but their heated searches were quickly brought short when Trump thanked and welcomed Terry McAuliffe. The Democratic Governor of the Great State of Virginia, and Chair of the NGA ( National Governors Association ),Terry McAuliffe, both confirmed it, and jested that perhaps the number 46 was due to his excellent Chairmanship of the NGA.

Terry then went on to give a heartening speech hinting that there was in fact commonality that could bring the States together in support of the President’s agenda.
“But the one thing we all agree on, all of us Governors and this administration. What every Governor wants. We want good jobs, we want a good economy, we want the world-class education system in our respective States, we want a healthcare delivery system that works with great quality Healthcare, efficiently, in a low-cost. We want people to get on our roads and our rails, be able to ride around efficiently and then go see their kids play a ball game. That’s what we all want and Mr. President I thank you for having us here tonight.

We have a common goal. We are the greatest nation in the globe and I want to toast to you Mr. President and to say we want to work with you to build on those ideals that have instilled and brought all of us governors together that we can respectively grow our states and grow our nation to be truly the great destiny that we are, so I would like to offer a toast to the President of the United States of America”

 – Governor Terry McAuliffe

Following the state dinner, the President lead a Monday morning kick off for what looks like an embattled, but cautiously optimistic venture on repealing and replacing Obama Care, new Tax breaks, and a tremendous investment in States and infrastructure that makes America competitive in todays’ global economy.

From tenth amendment and Constitutionalists perspective, it was a welcome change to sixteen years of political agenda that focused on concentrating more control in Washington in DC, while usurping State authority in what has been nearly two decades of national control by globalists in both political parties.

The President was quick to offer praise to the Governor’s serving in his Cabinet, including Mike Pence, Rick Perry, and Nikki Haley, who’s pointed statements to reporters after a UN Meeting, last week, made it clear that the US was backing Israel 100% and that Israel and the US would remain the best of Allies.


Nikki Haley Speaks to press after UN Security Council Meeting

President Trump also took the time out to thank and recognize, his controversial choice for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, saying “very importantly, we are going work to restore local control to our Nations Education System”.

Trump, who at no time waffled on his disdain for common core, appointed Secretary DeVos who, according to many teachers unions is, pro-common core. Nonetheless, Betsy remains firm in standing by her commitment to end common core, and that is an end result that will be welcomed by Democrats and Republicans alike. Trump went on to also say that Betsy is looking to “Bring decision making powers back to parents, back to the families and back to states where they can really control education. “

There are many who have stood by the position that our National Education system has been promoting a political agenda with in our schools and universities. Whether or not there is actual credence to this claim is of little import to bi-partisan parents associations, whose primary goal is to put the students, their children, first.

It was only three short years ago, American Governors took great affront to a meeting between governors and former President Obama, where Obama said he and the Federal Government did not trust Governors to make decisions regarding their own education, and transportation infrastructure.

Rick Rick Perry Speaks at the Republicans Governors Association about meeting with Obama.

There are plenty of areas where democrats and republicans can come together for the future of America, and we hope the recent election has reminded all of us, that The People are the first branch of government, and too long have we been distracted and absent from our own duty to preserve and protect this great nation.

Mark Wolf
Author: Mark Wolf

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