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    Gloves suppliers Brand Introduction Quality Inspection Equipment Certificate Service

    Kinocranes Group was founded in 2008 and Kinocranes integrate lifting equipments’ research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service. We providing one-stop service for lifting equipments;
    15 Years Manufacturer Experience.
    A Technical Team of 30+ People.
    8 production lines, 3 own brands, 4 overseas offices.
    OEM and ODM Accepted.
    2000+ Cases in Various Industries.
    Cranes Are Sold To 50+ Countries.
    280 Acres
    Factory area
    210 Sets
    Production testing equipment
    Engineers and technicians
    108.8 Million
    Registered capital
    Our Product
    Our products including overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, electric hoist, crane trolley, magnet, grab, aerial work platform and related lifting equipment, etc. We are specialized in European Standard and China standard bridge cranes, gantry cranes; Rail mounted gantry crane for container handling; Processing crane such as cranes for foundry, melt metal and explosion proof.
    Quality Control
    1. Broken bar test of cast aluminum rotor
    By magnetizing the rotor, testing the current change of the conductor bar, inspecting the internal quality of the rotor, preventing defects such as pores, thin bars, broken bars, under-casting, etc, inside the rotor.

    2. Three-in-one drive motor rotor fully automatic intelligent dynamic balance test
    Each rotor is subjected to a dynamic balance test, and the eccentric mass point of the rotor centrifugal inertia force is accurately located through a fully automatic intelligent detection system, so as to correct the rotor dynamic balance.
    Reduce motor vibration, reduce noise, reduce bearing wear, and increase motor life.
    KINO CRANES PTE. LTD (SINGAPORE) is the parent company of the Henan Kinocranes and located in Singapore. Kinocranes Group was founded in 2008 and Kinocranes integrate lifting equipments’ research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service.
    The business areas cover steel smelting, automobile manufacturing, ports, building materials, electric power, environmental protection, chemical industry, new energy, warehousing and processing industries.
    kinocranes have 3 own brands, 4 overseas offices, 5 production bases all over the world. The group has more than 1200 employees, among which there are more than 180 engineers and technicians. The total factories area is about 280 acres. The 210-plus sets of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment enable us to make high quality products.
    Benefiting from the globalization advantages of Kinocranes group company, we select the best product components and globally recognized brand suppliers from all over the world to meet the customization and high-quality needs of customers.
    Kinocranes have a strict and optimized quality control procedure. From raw materials , components to design and fabrication, we take care of each process. Delivering high-quality and optimized products to customers is our consistent pursuit.
    Kinocranes have exported its products to more than 50 countries and regions. We have established long term cooperation relationship with each customer. We have a professional and thoughtful sales and service team, and strive to provide customers with customized products. We treat customers sincerely; We trust and respect the individual; We rely on teamwork to achieve common goals; We adhere to honesty and integrity in our business activities!
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