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At this time, the impatient “evil beggar” could not bear the repeated gestures in the excitement. And “poor acid” and “ghost”, “golden peony” also look eagerly at him. Seeing this, Xiaofeier, an ugly boy, knew that he could not delay. He immediately rushed out of the woods and rushed to the iron cable. He immediately reached out and grasped the iron cable and climbed up with his hands and feet. Five strange people are all highly skilled, flying in the air, easy, why does Aunt Mo need a rope to go up and down the tree house? Besides, why didn’t the five strange people let Xiaofeier live somewhere else, but let him live in a very high tree house? Because it is to train Xiaofeier’s climbing skills. As a result, during her nearly three years in the valley, Xiao Feier used ropes to climb up the tree house every day, and as expected, she had developed the skill of climbing quickly. At this time, at the crevasse at the top of the iron cable, the red light suddenly jumped out of the crevasse, and then disappeared back into the crevice. Seeing this, the five people in the woods knew that the “child” had noticed the abnormality below and disappeared, so they had no scruples to sweep out of the woods one after another, and repeatedly urged Xiaofeier to speed up the climb. At this time, the impatient “evil beggar” could not bear it any more. He immediately went up violently. His toes were connected between the ice walls. In the blink of an eye, he had already caught up with Xiao Feier, who was still climbing with all his strength. As soon as he stretched out his left hand, he grabbed Xiao Feier. The sleeves of his broken robe shook downward again and again. His toes were connected with the ice walls and iron cables. His body rushed up again and rose to the crevice in less than a moment. As soon as the evil beggar probed with his right hand, he grasped the iron cable tightly. With his left hand,gold shaking table, he quickly stuffed Xiaofeier into the ice crevice, which was less than two feet wide. He hurriedly shouted, “Quickly perform the’Shrinking Bone Skill ‘and go in. When you find the’King of Ginseng’, you will come out of the cave as soon as possible!” Without waiting for Xiaofeier to respond, the “evil beggar” quickly fell to the valley below, and Xiaofeier immediately slanted into the ice crevice without neglect. No wonder five people in the valley for more than ten years, so far still can not enter the ice crevice to find “ginseng king”, the original ice crevice is not only very narrow, only more than a foot wide,Carbon in Pulp, but also extremely cold inside, as well as the cold overflow of frozen muscle nose, although the five people’s skill is as high as first-class, but some are unable to shrink into seven or eight-year-old children. Some of them could not resist the extremely cold inside because of their own internal skills, but they did not trust others to enter the cave and get the “King of Ginseng” alone, so they spent ten years, but no one could get it. Moreover, the five people were hostile to each other and schemed against each other in the valley, and even set aside twenty feet around the place where they lived as a forbidden place, so they all lived separately and were very lonely. It was not until Mrs. Mo, the “Yin Charm”, brought Xiaofeier, who had spent the rest of her life in the Fire Cave, back to the Ice Valley in Tutun that she was allowed by the five researchers to pass on their unique mental skills and “Shrinking Bone Skill”, but not their martial arts skills. He went into the cave to look for the “King of Ginseng” and handed him over to the five people to eat, and then left him in the Ice Valley to fend for himself. But! Even though they were evil people, they also had feelings and hidden hearts, and because they all lived alone and were very lonely, Carbon in Pulp ,manganese beneficiation plant, after they had little Feier who had no fear of harming themselves and could talk at ease, so in more than two years, although the five people were usually angry with little Feier, but in their hearts, they had an incomprehensible feeling for him. As a result, although the five of them were clearly angry with little feier in front of others, and it seemed that they had not tried their best to teach him the internal skills and mental skills, in fact, they would all try their best to teach him in private, and intentionally or unintentionally, they would also teach him some unique martial arts skills and different skills, becoming a strange relationship between non-disciples and non-friends. ※ ※ ※ Little Feier was shivering all over at the mouth of the ice crevice because of the cold air overflowing from inside. Suddenly, he blurted out involuntarily, “It’s so cold..” Growing up in the cold since childhood, and in the valley for more than two years, has long been accustomed to the cold, but unexpectedly can not stand the cold inside the frozen human muscle nose? What kind of weird place is it? Although the heart is surprised, but has immediately run at the same time “red flame God gang” and “wood magic” two kinds of mental method, the formation of “wood fire” blend.
At the age of twelve, Xiao Feier has not yet fully integrated the five mental methods into one, but he can already run the two mental methods of “Red Flame Shengang” and “Wood Shengong” at the same time, forming the integration of “Wood and Fire”, and has also integrated the three mental methods of “Kun Tu Shengong”, “Fenglei Xuangang” and “Gui Shui Xuangong”. Form the mutual benefit of “earth generates metal” and “metal generates water”. Therefore, the “Red Flame Divine Gang” and the “Wooden Divine Skill”, which were originally hot, were run at the same time, and immediately the “wood fire” blended with each other, and a stream of hot gas gradually rose from the body. Although it could not immediately expel the cold gas from the body, it was enough to gradually neutralize the bone-eroding cold that invaded the body, and no longer felt cold. After waiting for the body not to feel cold, he performed the “bone-shrinking skill” again, making the body, which was already thin and short, even softer, and could slowly get into the narrow ice crevice. (Note: As a matter of fact, “Shrinking Bone Skill” is also called “Cartilage Skill”. It is not really able to shrink the muscles and bones of the whole body and shorten them into children. Instead, when the bones are not fully developed and mature, they should begin to practice. The muscles, bones and joints of the whole body should be trained to the point where ordinary people can not shrink, twist and move, such as the “Cartilage Skill” in ancient times. Tianzhu’s “Yoga” and the Western magic of folding people into boxes are all the same. It took nearly half an hour to slowly drill into the ice crevices, which were winding and undulating, sharp and extremely cold. After entering about seventy or eighty feet deep, the crevices had gradually widened and gradually declined. When they reached a slope, they suddenly slid down, unable to stop on the smooth ice, and the more they slid, the faster they collided in the winding ice caves. And in the screams of horror and loud echoes, the body suddenly slipped out of the ice cave and fell in the air. Little Feier’s body had slipped into a deep white ice cave, flying down in the air, and it seemed that he was about to fall to the ice as hard as iron, and his bones and muscles were broken and he died! Just as his body fell to the ice and shook violently, he heard a sudden sound of cracking under his body, and then splashed in all directions, smashing a thin layer of ice and falling into a cold pool! In the sharp pain of his body,Portable gold trommel, he was suddenly invaded by the extremely cold pool water, which made his whole body tremble and tighten, and rushed up in a hurry.