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“No matter how bad my taste is, I know I can’t pick people like you.” Qin Yunxing snorted coldly and remembered that his sister’s eyes were full of anger when she talked about Pei Yi. Of course I’m not a good match for your sister. Your sister deserves the best in the world. Professor Pei smiled bitterly: “Her other half should be a person who can rely on her and walk side by side with her, not a disabled person who has to rely on external forces to stand up.” Qin Yunxing knocked on the table and shouted, “Hello.”. Have you got something wrong. I don’t look down on you because you are disabled. Simply because you’re a coward who can’t even fight for the one you love. “Your Highness, do you really think that no matter how big the gap is, as long as you like it, you should try your best to fight for it?” Xing Yueshang, who had been watching quietly, suddenly interrupted. ” Yes Qin Yunxing did not understand why Xing Yueshang suddenly came to ask this question, but he still stared at Professor Pei pointedly and said, “Of course, you have to fight for it boldly if you like it. Otherwise, if one day your beloved becomes someone else’s bride, won’t you regret it for life?” How many people in the world can walk side by side with her sister? If they all really flinch because of the big gap, won’t his sister die alone? Professor Pei looked at Xing Yueshang, who had a thoughtful face, and then looked at Qin Yunxing,radio shuttle racking, who was digging a hole without knowing it. His mood could not help being subtle: “I will not pursue the leak.”. But your Highness, you’d better worry about your love life first. Qin Yunxing looked confused: “What kind of emotional life do I have?” Professor Pei ended the communication decisively with a face of your own luck, leaving Qin Yunxing a question mark on his head. Chapter 56 is awesome. Although Qin Yunxing for the feelings close at hand, some dark under the lamp, but for the people of the world, he still can be called insight. The plan was carried out quite smoothly. Public opinion was stirred up and divided into two factions. One faction angrily denounced the prince’s ambition, falsified the results of the assessment to pave the way for future intervention in government affairs,Pallet rack beams, and trapped the queen in an unjust place. The other faction complained for the prince. It was clearly everyone’s right to choose the major recommended by the aptitude assessment, but they were forced to lose the right to choose because of their limited status. Seeing that the latter faction is gradually weakening. Finally, someone could not help but jump out, or support the prince to prove that the evaluation results are true, how talented the prince is in politics. Or slander the queen, pull out a lot of black history of the queen’s suppression of the prince, that tone seems to wish he could immediately rise up and rescue the poor prince from the palace. Or start to advocate that the monarchy itself can not avoid the internal friction of the royal family, which will cause 12345 to the empire and so on. No matter what kind of people they are, there is only a sad ending waiting for them. Seeing that the fish were almost on the surface of the water, the plan came to an end. Your Highness, it’s time to come up with your way to clear the name of the Queen. Until now, Qin Yunxing did not give Professor Pei a look at the magic weapon to reverse the situation. In this regard, heavy duty warehouse rack ,warehouse rack manufacturer, Professor Pei is very resentful: “Now you can always give me something to see it.” “Oh, is it the right time?” Qin Yunxing looked suddenly, and then smiled: “No.” Professor Pei narrowed his eyes and looked at him warily. Is this guy really. Qin Yunxing, regardless of what Pei Yi had said about the conspiracy, directly blocked his follow-up protest with one sentence: “In an hour, I will put things on the Starnet and publicize them, and then you will understand.” An hour later, Professor Pei finally saw what he had been thinking about for many days: a history paper. On Major Fallacies in the History of Ancient Human Sacrifices Author: Qin Yunxing Foreword: In 4148, with the successful exploration of the route to the solar system by the Homecoming, the excavation of the ancient earth civilization was also deepening, and the sacrificial culture triggered extensive attention from experts and scholars in the Empire. In these two centuries, the Empire has been committed to the induction and restoration of sacrificial culture, and in 4288, many experts of the Empire compiled the History of Ancient Human Sacrifice.
In the Yanhuang Chapter of the History of Ancient Human Sacrifice in the Marxist-Leninist Age, scholars have discovered two large-scale collective activities of ancient human beings with periodic rituals through light and shadow retrospective technology: An activity takes seven days as a cycle. The activity is held every two days and lasts for five days. In rainy days, haze days, sandstorm days and other weather without sunshine, the activity is interrupted. During the activity, from 9:40 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., the older hominids will drive all the young hominids to a flat ground with a high platform and a flag in front of them. Hundreds of thousands of young ancient humans, led by their elders, made designated repetitive movements to a fixed music until the end of the music. An activity is held almost every day without interval. Similarly, it is interrupted in rainy days, haze days, sandstorm days and other weather. The time of the activity is from 7:00 to 8:00 in the evening. The participants of the activity are mainly the elderly in ancient human beings, generally taking 10 to 100 people as a unit. When the music sounded, some elderly ancient humans spontaneously gathered on the flat ground with bright lights, and under the leadership of one to five of the same kind, they made corresponding movements with the music. The sound of music changes every once in a while, but scholars have found that its movements are highly repetitive, but the order of permutation and combination is different. Because of the universality, periodicity and regularity of these two activities, professional scholars regard these two activities as national sacrificial activities. Because of the choice of time and weather, it is believed that these two sacrificial activities represent the worship of the sun by ancient human beings. However, through bold speculation and careful verification, the author believes that these two activities should correspond to the exercises and square dances recorded in ancient documents respectively. The author believes that it is more appropriate to classify the two as collective exercise activities of ancient human beings, and it is inappropriate to include them in the category of sacrificial activities. In the following, the author will list the relevant evidence found in historical documents such as micro-blog records, primary school compositions,Narrow aisle rack, video bullet screens in ancient times to prove this point of view. As soon as this paper came out, Professor Pei had not yet started to guide it, and public opinion had spontaneously developed in the expected direction.