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    China Roof Sheet Making Machine manufacturers 1. Introduction
    Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine can automatically form plates and press various patterns according to the drawings. You can set the cutting length. When this value is reached, the machine will cut the plate. The machine has a very intelligent master computer system, which can well analyze the input drawings, so as to produce according to the drawings, and the patterns and shapes of the plates produced are consistent with the drawings. This is because of this, the products produced by this machine can often reach a high degree of uniformity, and there will be no inconsistent shape or hole position.
    In order to increase the service life of Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine, we specially select high hardness materials. In addition, we carry out anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment on the external surface of the machine to increase its durability. The props of the machine are sharp and can cut plates quickly without adhesion with plates. The whole machine has reasonable structure, power charging and can realize continuous production. Adhering to the principle of customer first, we are determined to provide you with high-quality products and services.

    2. Specifications/Technical parameters
    1.5TON Mandrel Un-coiler: one unit (Un-powered)
    聽Capacity: MAX.1.5Tons; Coil ID: 510mm卤30mm; Coil width: 300mm
    Manual expansion coil-inner-hole with 4 palms锛?/p>
    Link-connect expanding system
    Drag off turning type
    Coil outer-diameter=1200mm
    Entry roller & Manual Pre-shearing deviceSmart cut control, to cut off the end of the final piece of sheet only
    Working thickness up to 0.6mm

    Ridge Cap Roll Forming MachineFeeding section with guide
    Gear/Sprocket driving, 10-step to form
    Rollers manufactured from 45#steel, CNC lathes, hard Chrome Coated
    Shafts Diameter=褎60mm, Precision Machined
    Main motor =5.5KW, Frequency speed control
    Max. Liner speed of roll former: Approx.18m/min
    Hydraulic Cutting Device
    聽Stop to cut, Post cut, Slug breaker
    Hydraulic tank, Pump motor =3KW
    Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment
    PLC Control SystemControl the quantity, drawing length automatically
    Combined with: PLC, Touch Screen (Siemens), Inverter (Schneider),
    Encoder (Omron), etc
    Cut-to-length tolerance鈮ぢ?.0 mm
    Control voltage 24V

    3. Product detail
    1. Application: garden factories, tourist attractions, pavilions, hotels, villas, exhibition halls, and resorts. Home and other buildings and outdoor decoration.
    2. Original: Xiamen, China
    3. Certification: ISO9001, CE etc.
    4. Price: Negotiable
    5. Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand
    6. Payment term: TT, LC
    7. Delivery date: Negotiable
    8. Packing: Naked package with poly wood case for control box
    9. Market: ASEAN/Middle East/ South Asia/North America/Russia
    10. Warranty: 1 year

    4. Certificates


    6. Direct Contact Information
    聽China Roof Sheet Making Machine manufacturers