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    Safety Sign made in China PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
    The fragile sticker warning label can protect your package well, which is very easy to attract the attention of the transporter and avoid damage to the package during handling.
    Product nameHandle with care moving stickers permanent adhesive
    Size2″ x 3″, [1 Roll, 500 Labels]
    FeaturesWaterproof, bright, convenient, quickly complete the packaging work
    Clear text expression – Easy to read text and red and white colors are very eye-catching on most cartons, which can bring attention to your package at the first time and ensure that your package can be transported smoothly to the maximum extent.
    High efficiency and easy to use – When you want to use this label, you only need to peel and stick it, quickly paste it on each side of the box, and complete the warning prompt. You are no longer using wrapping tape as a warning of “fragile”.
    Good quality – We produce a powerful adhesive behind the label, which can be perfectly pasted on any surface and is not easy to drop.
    This label plays an indispensable role in the transportation of goods, especially fragile items such as glass products, electrical appliances, electronic products and collectibles. This transport label is specially used for corrugated boxes, mailboxes, envelopes, plastic drums, steel drums, pallets, etc. No matter what season the weather is used, it can perfectly demonstrate its function.
    Q1: How can I get samples?
    A1: We will send it to you by express. You need to pay the sample price and express fee.
    Q2: How to transport?
    A2: We suggest express delivery for samples. Shipping can be considered for subsequent large orders.
    Q3: What products do you mainly produce?
    A3: Customizable traffic signs, road signs, safety warning signs, magnetic stickers, license plates, gift bags. Customizable telescopic cones and various alarms.Safety Sign made in China