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Sikong Lie looked at the monster with teeth and claws in front of him and hurried back. He looked at Lu Huahua and Feng Yan beside him. He looked at Lu Huahua with strange eyes. “How did you come back?!”! Didn’t I let you stay in the cold palace? Why did you come out?! Lu Huahua looked anxious, “Ah, ah, I haven’t come out to play for a long time. Curious, I want to come out to play with you. I secretly follow your motorcade.” “How presumptuous!”! You sneaked out again without permission! Sikong strong touched his lips, a hand of blood, needless to say, is Lu Huahua to do a good thing. Sikong Lie pinched his waist and said, “Lu Huahua, you are a woman, and you did a good thing. Do you like to bite me so much?” The fire fox looked at the two men quarreling, and his heart was very upset. Ok! Ok! Do you think I don’t exist? In short, I will kill this man, and whoever stops me will be dead! Feng Yan saw that Lu Huahua could not stop the fire fox, so he had to advise Sikong Lie,Lamella Plate Settler, “Your Majesty, go quickly, there is a humble minister here, you and the empress go quickly!” Text 53 Plot to Rebellion (6) Abada Novel Download Website Updated: August 27, 2012 14:31:33 Words in this chapter: 2460 When Lu Huahua saw the fire fox, she really wanted to kill Sikong Lie. She dragged Sikong Lie desperately. “This smelly fox,Dissolved Gas Flotation, you take care of him. I’ll take Sikong Lie away, okay?”? The water unicorn will help you! Lu Huahua took Sikong Lieyun to fly to the crater on the top of the mountain. Si Konglie was stunned. “Why do you fly through the clouds?” ?! Why? Who the hell are you? Sikong Lie really couldn’t see where this woman came from. Alas, it’s important to run for your life at this time. Let’s wait until you can survive so much nonsense. Now I want to go to the top of this mountain, where is the key to solve all these things, you can rest assured that I will not let you have anything. Let’s go Lu Huahua has a well-thought-out plan, but Sikong Lie has no bottom in his heart. “Are you a fairy or a demon?!”! Put me down! I don’t need your protection! Sikong lie struggled hard, Lu Huahua almost let go and threw Sikong lie down, Sikong lie looked down, thousands of miles high, at first glance it really made people out of a cold sweat. Don’t look down, or you’ll be scared to death. It’s your first time to drive a cloud, disc air diffuser ,fine bubble diffuser, and you’re bold enough to stand firm. Stand firm, at this time you still have a hard mouth, I really do not know what you men want?! Soon, from the top of the volcano, the top has been covered by ice, the appearance of the volcano can not be seen at all. Lu Huahua and Si Konglie stood in the open space, and the ground was already covered with ice. Sikong lie words did not say to go down the hill, who knows did not see clearly at the foot, slipped, Lu Huahua is observing how to enter the bottom of the volcano, looking back did not see Sikong lie, the original is lying on the ground. Lu Huahua laughed and could not stand up straight. “Ha ha, you fool, without me, you can’t walk out at all. You’d better save some effort.”. You can only follow me now. After struggling for a while, she got up and looked at Lu Huahua’s good-natured smile. He was even more angry. “Send me away from here!”! What the hell are you? Me? What do you call me? I think you are a demon! A goblin who specializes in demagoguery! Don’t come here! If you want to kill me, you’re not far from death! Sikong Lie pulled out the sword from his waist and faced Lu Huahua. Why would he do that? Are you scared silly by Lu Huahua! What are you doing? What are you doing holding a sword at me?! Lu Huahua asked hurriedly. Don’t come over, and take me down the hill quickly! Sikong Lie threatened and lured Lu Huahua with a sword. This is the second time that Sikong Lie is holding the Emperor’s Sword against Lu Huahua. Why is this man so cruel in front of him? The Emperor’s Sword beheads treacherous court officials and obstinate people. This man should be the first time to hold a sword to a woman. You smelly man, how can you hold the sword of the Son of Heaven at me for the second time! Is it true that all your impressions of me are that I have done bad things, and I have not done good things in your heart, right? Lu Huahua questioned Sikong Lie, Sikong Lie’s face did not have a trace of pity, but all wrote fear. You’re a goblin! You should have been deceiving the emperor just for this! You deserve to die. Who knows what you’ve done to me? You’ve cursed me and tried witchcraft! It turns out that this is what Sikong Lie said in his heart. When people are in a desperate situation, how can they still have the mind to lie. This is the truth that Lu Huahua wants to hear. Lu Huahua’s heart began to feel uncomfortable. I hurt you? If I wanted to hurt you, would you still be alive today? Without my skin, without the beauty of the imperial concubine Qin? If you want a peerless beauty, I will change it for you, and you can become a thousand times more beautiful than the Queen Mother. But you can’t say I hurt you! Every word of Lu Huahua is brilliant and loud, but Sikong Lie is indifferent. You are a demon, you will be ever-changing, but your heart is always black. It’s no use changing it! Si Konglie actually said that Lu Huahua’s heart was black, which made Lu Huahua sad. Lu Huahua has had a pure heart since she was born between heaven and earth, otherwise she would not be able to become an immortal and stay with Ziyang Zhenren. If I told you that all this was because of you today, would you still say that about me?! Sikong Lie’s face questioned, “because of me?!”! Don’t frame me. Isn’t this mountain like this? How could it be because of me? Do you think this mountain is frozen all the year round?! Hum! This mountain is originally called Li Huoshen Mountain, which is integrated with the Li Huozhu I swallowed. It is because of you that I want to help you manage the severe drought in the world. What you saw just now,rotary vacuum disc filters, “Lu Huahua told Sikong Lie the whole story word for word.”. Will fire fox how to sacrifice his true yuan for the human world, also said a lot of things that Sikong lie did not know before, including Fu Ji false pregnancy.